Andrea teaches personalised individual lessons, short courses and small groups in her beautiful home studio, as well as a range of classes in clubs in Cambridge. Andrea teaches everything from dynamic flow classes to restorative yoga. Find further detail about the services she offers below.


Andrea qualified to teach when she was already a granny showing that it is never too late to start yoga. She loves to share her passion and the transformation it has made in her own life.Andrea is qualified to teach Ashtanga (200 hr), the Rocket (300 hr), yin and alignment based Vinyasa flow. She is certified by Jason Crandell (500 hour advanced training) in anatomy, injury management and sequencing. She is registered as a level 3 teaching practitioner with CIMPSA (the Chartered Institute of the Management of Sport and Physical Activity).Andrea teaches the person not the pose. Her favourite way to teach is working with clients 1:1 in bespoke classes helping you adapt your practice to be comfortable and safe.Andrea also teaches alignment based flow and modified Ashtanga in small group classes. These open level classes are equally enjoyable for novices and intermediate students with modifications offered to suit the practice to your body’s differing daily needs.Andrea’s Yin classes are very popular offering a mix of slow floor based poses, mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques to aid relaxation. The perfect class to provide balance in today’s busy world where it’s easy to become overloaded.


All services are taught in a beautiful converted barn with 5 meter high ceilings in Duxford, Cambridge.


Designed specifically for you to meet your needs, level of practice and lifestyle. Great for those looking for specific attention.


A class of preparatory poses, followed by flow - moving to the rhythm of your breath. 60 minutes every week.


Ideal for those who may have practised for a while but want time to understand how poses should feel.


Yoga and other techniques focussed on relieving and managing stress. A course for everyone.

Back pain &
tech neck

Guided relaxation exercises to release muscle and mental tension. A course addressing the issues working creates.


Think yoga isn't for men? Think again. A set of sessions aimed for men looking to start but haven't found the right fit.

bespoke private classes

The ultimate in yoga instruction: a class designed especially for you to meet your needs, level of practice and lifestyle. Lessons are arranged to fit your schedule - ideal for busy people who can’t get to the gym.• Practice in private - no need to worry about what other people think.
• Work at your own pace – no worries about following a class.
• Be focused – no distraction of other students
• Personalise your practice - If you have an old injury or health concern 1:1 classes can help you modify poses to assist rehab.

Small group classes

Fridays 12:30A 60 minute class of preparatory poses, followed by flow - moving to the rhythm of your breath. The class closes with 10 minutes deep relaxation and breath techniques to leave you feeling wonderful.

Yoga fundamentals course

Designed especially for those who want to understand the poses better.
This course focuses on alignment.
Ideal for those who may have practised for a while but want time to understand how poses should feel. Also suitable for active people who want to try yoga for the first time and have no idea where to start.

Back pain & tech neck

Andrea teaches personalised individual lessons, short courses and small groups in her beautiful home studio, as well as a range of classes in clubs in Cambridge.Andrea helps clients with yoga therapy for back care and rehabilitation from injury. She also offers classes focused on relieving stress and anxiety. Andrea teaches everything from dynamic flow classes to restorative yoga.

Stress reflief course

We all face the stress and strain of busy modern lifestyles: rising expectations; juggling conflicting priorities. This course is for everybody. Learn how to unwind and deeply relax, promoting inner calm. Take away skills that you can practice at work and at home.
Slow paced yoga: mainly floor based, not requiring strength or flexibility.
• Learn how to release strain in common problem areas: jaw, scalp, shoulders.
• Understand techniques to self-regulate when you feel stressed or anxious.
• Discover how to breathe optimally for good physical and mental health.
• Bring your nervous system into balance improving emotional wellbeing.

Yoga for men

These days yoga is part of complementary training for top class athletes – think Lionel Messi, Andy Murray, The NZ All Blacks rugby team, Jenson Button F1 racing driver and David Beckham. Many male celebrities also attribute their physical and mental wellbeing to yoga: Sting; Russell Brand; Robert Downey Jr; Orlando Bloom; Justin Timberlake; Matthew McConaughey and Jon Bon Jovi. Yoga is definitely for men.My classes are enjoyable, functional and teach you to feel better. In a group class you’ll meet people like you. It won’t be too hard and I’ll be on hand to encourage and help you. I design classes that men find more accessible and less frustrating. Get in contact to find out more!


Don't just take my word for it, see what my clients have to say!

Louise Mitchell

"Andrea creates a safe and secure Yoga practice learning space as she expertly guides us through new movements with an eye to each individual and their own needs, throughout."


"I have wanted to learn yoga for years – but always got put off by the stretchy Lycra clad crew who always seem to know what they are doing whilst I struggled to even work out where my toes were. Going to Andrea’s classes has been the perfect antidote to that. She’s clear and has this brilliant way of describing what to do and how it should feel. She also offers a great balance between the inner benefits of yoga and the physical movements involved."

jonathan Hinde

"What matters most is the person who teaches the class. Andrea is an exceptional teacher for so many reasons but these are the two that stand out for me: First of all she really understands the mechanics of the body. The second thing is that she really commits in a personal way to the development of everyone who comes to her classes. We all feel cherished, and our achievements become her achievements."

james clissold

"I'm really pleased that I found Andrea and her lovely studio to help me get started. I am only a beginner (I've been going for around one month) but Andrea helped me to feel at ease straight away whilst providing clear instructions to ensure I follow proper technique."

Julia Cooper

“I’m new to practising yoga because I thought my mid-fifties body was too stiff, I’m a little overweight and my balance was shocking. Then I completed an online beginner course and was hooked! Andrea is an expert teacher, very knowledgeable, calm and her directions are clear and precise so you’re not looking up to check you’re doing the right thing, which I had to do completing my online course with a different instructor."

Nigel Standing

"Andrea is just a wonderful Yoga teacher, such great detail, great insight and makes the practices so enjoyable. She stresses to everyone there is no competition, no judgement which really makes everyone relax whilst they practice on their mat. She guides us all along the Yoga journey in such a caring way."

Neil Bailey

"I started studying with Andrea around 5 years ago. I wanted to improve my flexibility as I was getting older and was starting to struggle with injuries when playing sports but also wanted something to try relieve stress in my job. I have taken various classes over the years including some yoga classes and Andrea is different to the others teachers I have had. She will challenge you to perform the poses with the correct form rather than just demonstrating and leaving you to your own devices."

Christoper Bow

"When I decided to try yoga for the first time, I was a little concerned about how I, as a man in his mid-sixties, only moderately fit and certainly not very flexible, would manage. Would I be embarrassed and intimidated by the far more capable people I was likely to encounter? Would I actually be able to achieve anything worthwhile?Well, I needn’t have worried. Andrea has proved to be an excellent teacher, not just because of her technical skills, but in the way she treats everyone with great empathy. She clearly understands what I find difficult and why, and she always has something constructive and encouraging to say."

Get in contact

If you have any queries or want to discuss whether yoga is right for you, please email me using the form below and I will respond as soon as I can.Have a look at my services page to give you a sense of see what I already offer but do let me know if you have any bespoke needs as there is lots of help I can offer.I look forward to hearing from you.

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Please use the form below to make a booking enquiry or ask any questions that you may have.If what you require isn't listed on my services page then please do describe what you are looking for below and I'll be sure to reply to you as soon as I can.I look forward to hearing from you.

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